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ALS will be closed for the New Year holiday. Any orders placed after 4 pm on Friday Dec. 30th, will be shipped out on Tuesday, Jan. 3rd. Happy New Year!

How Do You Use Synthetic Pee? No.1 Guide

Synthetic Pee

Synthetic pee can be extremely appealing to men and is also beneficial in a variety of fetish-related activities. The kind of urine used is created using ingredients that resemble the characteristics of urine that humans have, such as acidity and pH. Its smell and color are similar to the smell of real urine. But, it shouldn't be misinterpreted as real pee.

Synthetic pee is typically available in "head shops," and online stores. These are usually advertised by the names of "fetish pee" and "novelty pee". They also include guidelines on how to make use of them. The packaging will explain what you need to do in order for the urine mix in order to get it to the proper temperature.

What's A Synthetic Pee Like?

Synthetic pee is a great alternative to natural urine. It mimics the functions of urine that humans have, including the pH level and uric acid. It's also cheaper than normal pee.

Although it isn't to be consumed internally, it's an ideal novelty item for those who love pee. It has the same ingredients like real urine, however it's safe and appears real. It's also an excellent option for couples who wish to have fun while having a sexual encounter.

How Does Synthetic Pee Work?

Synthetic pee has become an increasingly popular method for synthetic pee pranks as well as for sexual reasons. It is made up of synthetic urine and fake genitalia. It is then given at body temperature. It is delivered either frozen and at body temperature. But, it has to be properly delivered to ensure it is efficient. If it's delivered at the wrong temperature it won't perform as well.

A synthetic pee is made and It resembles the natural urinary tract in its chemical makeup and appearance.

It is accompanied by fake genitalia

If you've ever had the misfortune of being caught in a relationship with someone who's fake genitalia you've likely had to use synthetic urine. These devices are available at a wide range of shops such as tobacco stores and corner stores which offer sexual aids.

A heating pad made of organic material can be placed over the bag between the belt and the bag. This allows sweat to circulate at body temperatures, and make sure that it is recorded. The heaters can be used in nearly every environment regardless of whether it's outside or inside.

It can also be frozen

While this may appear to be an inconvenience however, it's important to keep in mind that air could introduce contaminants that can ruin the sample. The ideal container must be filled to the top and any air that remains be eliminated prior to freezing. If you're unable to make use of a vacuum or a vacuum cleaner, you can fill a bottle up to the top, and then put it into the freezer, but without the top. It is recommended to check the sample every couple of hours to check what's happening since it expands.

It is able to be heated

If you're looking to heat the sample of synthetic urine There are many ways to do it. The most common method is to utilize the microwave. But, be cautious not to overheat the specimen. To ensure an acceptable temperature, you must be able to microwave it for 10 seconds. You can also utilize the heating pad. This method can require a longer time to achieve the desired temperature.

Prior to heating the pee made from synthetic You should store the pee in an airtight container. Oxygen exposure can alter the temperature of the sample and cause it to appear darker.


That's it. Everything you've always wanted to know about how synthetic urine works (and some more). Now that you're an expert on the subject What are your thoughts? Are you planning to try giving synthetic pee an attempt? If yes, be sure to visit our website to find the top products currently available. Thanks for always taking the time to read!

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