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What is The Whizzinator Touch?

The Whizzinator is a novelty item designed to resemble the male urinary system. It consists of a synthetic prosthetic penis, a urine reservoir, and a heating element.

The Whizzinator Touch’s primary purpose is entertainment, scientific research, education, or prank purposes. Its lifelike design and convincing appearance make it popular for light-hearted fun and amusement. However, it’s essential to emphasize that the Whizzinator Touch should only be used legally and ethically.

In our discussion, we will cover the various features of the Whizzinator Touch, its intended use for pranks or entertainment, and the potential legal ramifications of misuse. It is crucial to educate our readers about the product’s proper and lawful use while discouraging any misuse.

What is the Whizzinator Touch Touch Device?

The Whizzinator Touch Device:

The Whizzinator Touch is a discreet, synthetic device that imitates the male urinary system. It is typically used as a novelty item or for entertainment, scientific research, and educational purposes.

This device is created to closely resemble the appearance of a male genitalia, making it appear lifelike. It features a synthetic prosthetic penis with anatomically realistic details, including natural skin tones.

How it Resembles Male Genitalia:

The Whizzinator Touch is crafted to mimic the appearance of male genitalia convincingly. It features a synthetic prosthetic penis with anatomically realistic details, including natural skin tones.

This lifelike design is intended to make the device appear genuine, with attention to detail extending to the texture and feel of the synthetic material, further enhancing its realism.

Components of The Whizzinator Touch Kit:

A typical Whizzinator kit includes several essential components:

  • Synthetic Penis: It features an artificial penis closely resembling the real thing in appearance and texture.
  • Urine Bag: Inside the Whizzinator Touch is a pouch that holds a synthetic urine sample. This reservoir is equipped with a valve or release mechanism to simulate the act of urination.
  • Heating Element: To maintain the temperature of the synthetic urine at a realistic level, a heating element is often included in the kit. This ensures that the urine matches the body temperature when it’s dispensed.
  • Waist Strap: A discreet waist strap or harness is provided for comfortable and secure wearing of the prosthetic device.

Exploring the Fun and Novelty Aspects of the Whizzinator Touch:

The Whizzinator Touch holds a unique place in novelty items due to its convincing resemblance to the male urinary system. Here are some aspects of its fun and novelty value:

  • Realistic Appearance: It is meticulously designed to look and feel like an actual male genitalia. Its lifelike appearance can be both surprising and amusing.
  • Shock and Laughter: In a prank or comedic context, it can elicit shock and laughter from unsuspecting individuals unaware of its true nature.
  • Humorous Gags: Many people find humor in unexpected or unconventional situations, and it can be a crucial element in creating amusing gags and scenarios.

Examples of How it Can be Used for Pranks or Entertainment Purposes:

  1. Bachelorette or Bachelor Parties: the Whizzinator Touch is often used as part of light-hearted pranks or games during bachelorette or bachelor parties. It can be used to create hilarious and memorable moments.
  2. Movie and Theater Productions: In the entertainment industry, it can be employed in movies, television shows, or theater productions where a realistic urination scene is required without the need for actual nudity.
  3. Comedy Acts: Comedians and performers sometimes incorporate it into their acts to surprise and amuse their audiences. Its unexpected appearance can lead to laughter and entertainment.
  4. Practical Jokes: Friends with a playful sense of humor may use the product in various practical jokes or pranks, provided it is done in a harmless and consensual manner.
  5. Costume Enhancements: For costume parties or Halloween, the Whizzinator Touch can enhance costumes by adding a comical or unconventional element.

It’s crucial to emphasize the responsible and legal use of the Whizzinator Touch for entertainment purposes. Misusing it for illegal activities or causing harm to others is strongly discouraged.


  1. Responsible Use: the prosthetic synthetic urine device must always be used responsibly and by the law and ethical standards. Misusing it for illegal activities is unethical and can have serious legal consequences.
  2. Legal Consequences: Attempting to use the product for unlawful purposes, such as cheating on drug tests or deceiving law enforcement, can result in criminal charges, fines, and potential harm to one’s reputation.
  3. Encouraging Legal and Ethical Use: While the Whizzinator Touch can provide entertainment value, its use should align with legal and ethical guidelines. It is suitable for scenarios like pranks, comedy acts, and costume enhancements, as long as consent is respected and others’ rights and well-being are not compromised.

The Whizzinator Touch is a unique and convincingly designed novelty item resembling the male urinary system. Its key features include a realistic synthetic penis, a urine bag, and a heating element. 

Primarily intended for entertainment, The Whizzinator Touch: Realistic Synthetic Urine Device offers fun and humor in various situations; however, it should never be employed for illegal or unethical activities.

Responsible use is essential to enjoy its novelty and entertainment value while respecting legal and ethical standards.

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This product is not intended for any illegal purpose. Nor is it to be used to defeat lawfully administered drug tests.

The Whizzinator Touch is a registered trademark of Alternative Lifestyle Systems, INC. The Whizzinator Touch is a unique product. You must follow all federal, state and local laws when using the Whizzinator Touch, and or any other related products sold by Alternative Lifestyle Systems. Alternative Lifestyle Systems, and any of its affiliates are not responsible for your misuse, and/or violation of any federal, state, or local laws when using the Whizzinator Touch, and or any other related products.

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