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The Clean Up Kit

The Clean Up kit is the perfect way to have fun in different ways! For pranks or sexy time! This kit comes with everything you need for a good time, including an empty refillable pouch, a belt, two organic heat pads and more. So the Clean Up kit will aid you whether you’re trying to spice up your bedroom or want a good time!

An Introduction to Clean Up Kit

The Clean up Kit is an empty refillable kit. The clean kit comes with a belt and an empty pouch so that you can add any liquid. The bag is made of vinyl medical grade, keeping your fluids clean. The kit also includes two organic heat pads that, once opened, are triggered by shaking them:

  1. Put the belt around your waist to use the Clean up Kit.
  2. Fill the syringe with your desired liquid and attach it to the pouch using the temperature strip as a guide.
  3. Next, shake the heat pads to activate them and place them on your stomach.

The Clean Up Kit For Pranks

What’s the most harmless prank you can think of? A pie in the face? A whoopee cushion? How about using synthetic urine to prank your friends?

Sure, it sounds childish and old-school, but using synthetic urine for a laugh is actually a pretty harmless prank. After all, it’s not like you’re using real urine! And if you choose your target wisely (like someone who’s already grossed out by the idea of urine), you might get a good laugh out of it.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll need to purchase some synthetic urine. Once you have your synthetic urine, fill up the clean-up kit pouch. Then, under your clothes, wrap the belt around your waist. As a result, the pouch will always be in contact with your body to achieve the desired temperature with the assistance of your body and the heat pads. The refilling belt is a gravity-powered device. The liquid will flow down the tube after the security clips are removed, efficiently transporting it to its destination. Then, choose your victim and watch as they freak out!


Don’t use too much synthetic urine, or you might make a bigger mess than you intended. And if the prank genuinely disgusts your victim, maybe consider finding a new target. Otherwise, enjoy your harmless little prank!

The Clean Up Kit For Sexy time

Wet sex is difficult to top when it comes to kinky enjoyment. There’s no doubt that getting wet can be a significant turn-on, regardless of whether you prefer splashy activities like water sports or appreciate the sensation of your partner’s fluids pouring down your body.

But, of course, not everyone can be wet all the time. Imagine getting up and finding the lube you want to use. That sucks, right? which is why the Clean up kit is available. Put the belt around your waist after you’ve filled the pouch with synthetic urine or a water-based lubricant to enjoy the never-ending wetness while having a wild time on the bed!

Visit our website to buy The Clean up Kit if you’re looking for a refillable kit for pranks and sexy time. Thanks for reading!

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