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Synthetic Urine—What is it?

What is synthetic urine?
Firstly, you need to know that synthetic urine, fake urine, and fake pee are all the same. There is no difference between these terms. We use them interchangeably throughout our life, but they all refer to the same object. Now that we know this, we can define what it is.

Synthetic urine is urine but created with a mixture of components in a laboratory. It contains all the ingredients of real urine, such as uric acid and creatine. Furthermore, it looks and smells like real urine. Synthetic urine also foams, just like real urine. However, not all companies contain the same ingredients, which means not all the brands on the market are a replica of real urine. You must always be conscious about your purchase. That is why we recommend you purchase a brand you trust from a website or store you know is legit.

Our company has been on the market for over 15 years, and we provide our customers with the most realistic urine you will find. You can always look up different reviews and discover why
we are the most renowned brand.

The Whizzinator Touch

The Whizzinator Touch is a belt with a vinyl pouch and a prosthetic, and it’s designed for male users. It comes in five different colors, and it can be used more than once. It’s our best seller. Every kit comes with one Whizzinator Touch, one Golden Shower (synthetic urine in powder form), four heat pads, and a syringe.

How does it work? First, mix the Golden Shower with bottled water in a cup (please do not mix unless you plan to use it). Insert the mixture into the pouch with the help of the 60ml syringe (included in your kit). Place the belt around your waist and legs beneath your clothes. Shake and place one organic heat pad when you are ready to heat it. To release the liquid, make sure the clip is in the open position and press the tip of the penis. The Whizzinator features an ultra-quiet

flow system, plus it can be operated with just one hand! Please clean your Whizzinator after each use. You can purchase the Whizzinator Cleaning Solution to maintain your product as new.

The Whizz Kit

The Whizz Kit is the unisex version of the Whizzinator: a belt with a vinyl pouch without the prosthetic. It comes with one Whiz kit, two heat pads and 4oz of premixed toxin-free synthetic urine. The Whizz Kit is also a refillable product, it can be used more than once.

How does it work?

The Whizz Kit belt goes around your waist beneath your clothes. Like the Whizzinator Touch, the Whizz Kit needs one heat pad and your body to reach the right temperature. After 40 minutes, the device will be at the right temperature. The refillable belt is a device that works with gravity. After unclipping the security clips the liquid will flow through the tube delivering the liquid to its destination. To refill purchase one Golden Shower and mix it with bottled water in a cup (please do not mix unless you plan to use it). Once you have the mixture use the 60ml
syringe (included in your kit) to refill the pouch.

The Golden Flask

The Golden Flask is a small flask that fits into most pockets, pursues, and bags. It’s a single-use product. The Flask comes with 4oz of premixed toxin-free synthetic urine in liquid form and one heat pad.

How does it work?

The Golden Flask comes ready to be used. Take the Golden Flask out of its box, shake the heat pad to activate it and place it next to the Flask. Place it close to your body and wait 40 minutes for the product to get to the right temperature.

Do not open the cap of the flask unless you plan to use it in the next 24 hours.

The Golden Shower

The Golden Shower is a small vial that contains fake urine in powder form. It is mixed with
bottled water once you are ready to use it. The Golden Shower is stable for a year after the purchase date as long it remains unopened. The Golden Shower is used to refill: The Whizzinator Touch, the Whizz Kit, and the Clean Kit.

How does it work?

Open your Golden Shower and mix it in a cup with approximately 80 to 90 ml/cc (2.5 to 3.0 Oz) of bottled water. After mixing the vial you can insert the liquid on your Whizzinator, Whizz Kit, or Clean Kit with the help of the syringe (included in all kits).

If you still have more questions about synthetic urine or about our products feel free to call our customer service: 888-895-7016.
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Refillable urine novelty kit

What are the purposes of synthetic urine?

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The main purposes are two: sexual fetishes and pranks. When it comes to sexual fetishes, we mean the famous golden shower. A lot of people who haven’t experience with urine are a bit nervous about trying it out. So instead of having their sexual partner peeing on them, they try out fake urine. Some people feel more comfortable knowing the urine is not coming from a person when they are trying out something new in bed. Products such as The Whizzinator Touch come with a prosthetic to add a more intimate and real experience. However, if you are a female or identify as one you can make use of The Whizz Kit, a unisex version of The Whizzinator Touch.

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ALS offers a variety of synthetic urine products such as The Whizzinator Touch, The Whizz Kit, The Golden Flask, and The Golden Shower. You might ask yourself what are all these, what’s the difference between each product?