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A Beginner’s Guide to Synthetic Urine

What is synthetic urine? Are synthetic urine and fake pee the same thing? What is it used for? What products with it exist? How do they work? If you are a first-time user of synthetic urine, you might have many questions. That’s fine! First-time users do not know a thing about fake pee. That’s why we have this guide to help you understand the basics. 

The History of Synthetic Urine

First, let’s take a quick history lesson. Like many things that happen in laboratories, synthetic urine was an accident. Back in 1828, Chemist Friedrich Wöhler was experimenting with ammonium cyanate. However, one of his experiments led him to discover how to convert ammonium cyanate into urea and eureka! We got synthetic urine. Thanks to this discovery, Wöhler is one of the pioneers of modern organic chemistry. Now that you know synthetic urine was discovered 194 years ago let us learn why it is still around. 

Synthetic urine is like real but is created in a laboratory by mixing various elements. It contains all the features found in natural urine except for your DNA. It contains uric acid and creatine. It smells, looks, and foams like any urine. Fake pee is the real thing, except that it does not come from a human. Fake pee works like the real thing. That is why it’s still around. In many situations, such as golden showers, people instead use fake pee than real urine. It is essential to know that even though fake urine is the same as real urine, not all producers create the same product. It is always necessary to purchase from a trusted company. ALS has been a trusted company on the market for over 20 years—offering the number #1 urine and related products. 

How Are Synthetic Urines Used Today?

Now let’s talk about the usage of synthetic urine. The most famous use is sexual. Many people often feel nervous when experimenting with a golden shower for the first time. They feel more comfortable knowing the urine isn’t coming from a person, so they purchase fake urine for their new experience. For experiences like the golden shower, various products can be purchased. For example, The Whizzinator Touch comes with a prosthetic to make the experience more realistic. If you do not need the prosthetic for your sexual experience, items such as The Whizz Kit are perfect. 

Other usages of fake urine are pranks or games. Many customers use them at bachelor or bachelorette parties. It can also be used on tricks with your friends or roommates. We even had a pregnant customer who purchased a Golden Flask to play a joke to her husband, claiming her water had just broken. You can do many games and pranks with synthetic urine; it’s up to you to get creative with it. 

Types of Synthetic Urine

doctor with urine sample

Now let’s talk about the types of synthetic urine you can find on the market: powder and liquid forms. They both work the same way when used according to instructions. However, one is already premixed, and the other needs to be mixed by you. The powder form tends to have a more economical cost. Yet the price difference is very slight.  

Powdered Synthetic Urine 

Powder synthetic urine comes in a small vial and needs to be hydrated before it can be used. To mix it, you need a clean container, a syringe to measure the water, the distilled water, and one vial. The amount of water tends to be around 90ml but always read the instructions before creating your mixture. The most famous option for the powder form is the Golden Shower.

Liquid Synthetic Urine

Liquid Synthetic urine is the easiest to use. All you need to do is heat the urine until it reaches the right temperature and it’s ready to use. Liquid urine can be found on ALS’s Golden Flask, The Lil Whizz, and the Whizz Kit. 


Is my synthetic urine going bad?

All ALS synthetic urine has a lifespan of a year after purchase. However, the urine must be kept out of hot conditions and not be exposed to air. Once you expose the urine to stand, it will start to grow bacteria. You have 24 hours to use the product when the urine is exposed to air. Another way to know your liquid urine is terrible is a greenish color and multiple bubbles.

How to store my urine?

To achieve a longer lifespan, we recommend you keep your urine out of very low or high temperatures and humidity. Also, remember always to keep it closed until the day of use. 

Exposing it to oxygen or humidity will break down the chemical bonds and lead to expiration.

What’s the correct temperature for fake urine?

Human urine oscillates between 90°F – 100°F. Therefore, if you want your urine to be realistic, you must get it to this temperature. To achieve this, each product comes with heating pads. The heating pads plus your body heat will make the urine reach the right temperature. 

To use the ALS heat pad, you must open the package and shake it. Then place the heating pad next to the bag or the flask. If you are wearing a Whizzinator or Whizz Kit, place the belt around your waist while the heat pad heats. Using a Golden Flask, put the heat pad on the side of the temperature strip. Then place the flask in your pocket and let it warm.

How long will my urine stay warm?

Once you’ve reached the correct temperature, your urine can stay warm for 8 hours (if you keep wearing the product). If you leave the product somewhere, the temperature will drop quickly.

Can I reheat my urine multiple times?

We recommend you heat it the day it’s going to be used. However, if you do not use and heat it, you can store the product for the future.

*Remember the urine must not be exposed to air until you plan to use it, or it will start to grow bacteria and eventually go bad. 

What synthetic urine products does ALS carry?

You will find the Golden Flask, Lil Whizz, and Whizz Kit in liquid form. While in powder form, you will find the Golden Shower. Products such as The Whizzinator Touch come with a Golden Shower for the customer to mix at home. 

How does the Golden Shower work?

The Golden Shower is a small vial that contains fake urine in powder form. It is mixed with water to obtain the liquid state. The Golden Shower is stable for a year after the purchase date as long as it remains unopened. It is used to refill ALS refillable products: The Whizzinator Touch and the Whizz Kit. 

How to mix it:

Open your Golden Shower and mix it in a cup with approximately 80 to 90 ml/cc (2.5 to 3.0 Oz) of bottled water. After mixing the vial, insert the liquid into your Whizzinator, Whizz Kit, or Clean Kit.

How does the Golden Flask work?

The Golden Flask is a small flask that fits into most pockets and bags. It is intended for single use. It comes with 4oz of premixed toxin-free synthetic urine and one heat pad.

The Golden flask comes ready to be used. Take it out of its box, read the instructions, and follow the steps. Please do not open the flask cap unless you plan to use it in the next 24 hours. To reach the right temperature, you will use the organic heat pad that comes with the kit. To use the heat pad, open the package and shake it.

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